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Eligibility: Open to any science writer, editor, publication information officer, student, or journalism instructor with a financial need. You do not need to be a member to apply. Awardees who are eligible for NASW membership will receive a complimentary membership.

What’s Provided: Provides up to $350 reimbursement to offset the costs of participating in the annual ScienceWriters meeting for virtual attendees and up to $1,200 for in-person attendees. Awardees will also receive complimentary meeting registration. You may apply before you have made a final decision about in-person vs. virtual attendance. As part of the grant, awardees will be asked to submit a short write-up of a conference session, take informal photos, or help live tweet a special #SciWri22 community event with MLK50: Justice Through Journalism, a Memphis nonprofit newsroom.

These fellowships are supported by the Authors Coalition of America funds and members of the National Association of Science Writers via the Community Fund. Grant funds for virtual attendance will be distributed prior to the start of the virtual meeting. Funds for travel to the in-person meeting will be reimbursed after the meeting. Travel advances can be made in extenuating circumstances. See policies below for additional detail.

Deadline: August 30 (If sufficient monies remain in the fund, we will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after August 30.)

Awardees will be notified on or before September 12.

Application Requirements

Applicants will be asked to upload a statement of interest and a simple budget* outline.  We recommend that applicants read through the application below to prepare materials requested before applying. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All materials submitted must be in English.

*Here’s what an example budget and timeline might look like:

Example of estimated budget for virtual attendance

$85   Equipment purchase of X needed for Y

$150   Eldercare estimate


Example of estimated budget for in-person attendance

Given the difficulty of estimating travel costs, each in-person award will be for $1,200. If, however, you only need three nights hotel, please tell us that so we can stretch the available monies to more recipients.

$445 Estimated roundtrip airfare to Memphis (You can use something like Kayak.com to forecast costs)

$540 Three nights hotel (Each night at the Sheraton in downtown Memphis will be ~180.00 ( this includes tax) If a grantee elects to stay elsewhere, they will be reimbursed a maximum of the group rate/night, i.e. $180)

$45 Estimated airport parking

$55 Estimated ground transport in Memphis


Important notes for those who receive funding for travel to the in-person meeting

Travel and lodging arrangements, reimbursed or otherwise, are the responsibility of the grantee.

NASW will reimburse travel expenses, up to the amount specified in your award letter, on an actual basis provided that the amount is reasonable and receipts are provided. Instructions will be provided on how to submit receipts and receive reimbursement. If reimbursement provides a hardship, grantees can inquire about a travel advance.

We cannot reimburse:

  • First-class or other upgrades in air travel.
  • Entertainment costs including movies, liquor, or bar costs
  • Luggage charges in excess of one (1) checked bag, rebooking fees, or other airline fees not related to the initial ticket purchase

If you are driving to the meeting, we will reimburse mileage based on the current IRS rate.

Due to the limitations of our budget and the desire to help support the need of as many travelers as possible, we generally cannot reimburse travel expenses if a grantee does not travel to the meeting. We do recognize the uncertainty created by the evolving nature of the pandemic and strongly encourage all travelers to take advantage of carrier policies that allow for cancellations, changes, and refunds. If a grantee is unable to attend due to a health-related reason, we will consider reimbursing non-refundable or non-re-usable portions of travel arrangements on a case by case basis.

An asterisk (*) in the application form indicates that an answer is required.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.